4 comments on ““Our Paris Trip Journal – Day 7”

  1. Keith, I’ve enjoyed your blog and it is clear that you have been bitten by the Paris Bug. Your vote for where to go on vacation is Paris, eh? OK, here’s a suggestion that you will love but your wallet might not – but it’s still fun. My wife and I went to Paris for our tenth anniversary – my first time, her second or third time – and I fell for it like you did. Paris has 20 arrondissements and we stayed in the 1st arrondissement that time. At the end of our trip, I told my wife that it might take us 20 or more years to do it, but we should come back and stay in a different arrondissement each time and stay in an apartment so that we had to do local shopping, etc. and truly get a feeling for each arrondissement. Five years and five arrondissement later, we’re on our way. Now for the part that will hurt the wallet even more but let you appreciate the family even more – take your kids with you. On the third trip and the fifth trip we have taken our sons with us. As it turned out, our last trip started a few days after your trip and ended a few days after you left. I walked into my older son’s (age 13) bedroom the other day to find that he had changed the “wallpaper” on his computer to a picture of the Louvre Museum – so, that thankfully means that something of the culture finally made its way into his head. The best part is that you get to experience such a great City AND your whole family at the same time. The worst part, figuring out how to do it without either killing your retirement savings or having to win the lottery – I’m still working on that. Something to think about and it gives you something to look forward to and otherwise keep the Paris Bug alive and satisfied until you get there again. Good luck with the Paris Bug!

    • WOW! What an amazing idea. I can certainly see where it would kill the pocketbook. I really wouldn’t be bad except for the airlines cost.

      I also love the idea of taking our children although I was struck by the absence of children except in the gardens and a couple of school groups in the museums.

  2. A really excellent travel journal- great photos and commentary. Thank you for sharing all of these details from day to day. Wonderful to read!

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