8 comments on ““An Obvious Tourist in Paris”

      • Oh I’m not that eloquent. Besides, it’s all about the heart behind it. I love reading people who are sharing their experiences from their heart. You can feel the love and affection they have for the city. It takes me back there. Can’t wait to read it. Safe travels!

  1. Next spring we are going to Ireland, England and France. We are planning about 12 days in Paris. As I look through my Paris travel book, it is overwhelming with WONDERFUL experiences. I don’t want to offend anyone…or stand out as a ‘sucker’ …I was told do not wear jeans or white tennis shoes…. please advise..(we are old and want to do what is right) Thanks

    • I think jeans are perfectly fine. I saw many people both local and tourists who had jeans on. I don’t think it’s a big deal at all. Now to be honest I didn’t see many white tennis shoes. But it was a cool early June when we went and no one was wearing shorts.

      Parisians are a stylish bunch but not to the point of not wearing jeans. You’ll see a lot of them on your visit. It’s such a wonderful city and I can’t wait to go back. In still writing about my first visit and its memories still flood my mind.

      Thanks for the comments! 🙂

      • I am so excited. I just don’t want to look the victim, or be rude. In Sidney Au, while eating a late night supper of McDonalds(the only thing open after our plane arrived) a man in a trench coat swooped down on me so quickly I could not react. He stuffed my burger in his mouth and grabbed all the food that he could as he ran out the door. It was so fast no one had time to react! The management and staff were so upset….. I wasn’t as upset as they were…… I just wish I had the op to feed that man. He must have been really hungry to reach over someone while they were eating and steal their meal. If I/he had only known, I would have feed him all the food he could possibly hold. My point? I don’t want to stand out in a crown and look vulnerable…(my stark white hair is a dead giveway I am afraid)

      • I understand. Paris is a safe city but pickpockets flourish there. I also tried to blend in. I didn’t want to look like a target.

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