4 comments on ““Adventures in the Paris Metro”

  1. It’s a cultural thing. If you walk around Paris smiling, the French think you’re demented — or at least a little goofy. But I’ve always found Parisans exceedingly willing to help, especially if you try to ask for it in French (they’ll answer you in impeccable English). Good post. And great site.

    • Thanks, I appreciate it. I found that the French didn’t fit any of the common stereotypes. Everyone we encountered with the exception of a McDonalds cashier on The Champs Élysées was very friendly and helped in many ways. I loved the people we encountered.

  2. Awesome Keith!! I’ve always wanted to do a travel blog but never got around to it. I hope you keep this up, I like being able to live vicariously through your experience 😀

    • Thanks Ruth! I did a day by day journal on here which branches into random articles about our experience. Almost every photo (paintings excluded) are from our trip. Plus it gives me something a little different to write about. 🙂

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